Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My babies!!

The Scottish team was just here two weeks ago and when we have a team here I try to do a special mommies and me gathering.  When I have these gatherings, I like to have a special purpose.  With this team, we had a pediatric doctor, a physical therapist and a lady who had taken a special baby massage class.  I asked the doctor to give a special talk about spending time with their babies and bonding with their babies when they feed them and not just propping the bottles with a blanket.  The physical therapist and the baby massage lady taught the girls how to give their babies a massage and how it can be so relaxing for the baby.
Mommies learning about how to give the massage and babies getting ready to have a massage!!

David loved it and Rebeca thought she needed to help!

We are cool babies!!!

This is actually from a visit to Adriana's apartment!  Rebeca loves reading!!

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