Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Highlights...

TEN camps, 36 days, about 140 kids...and it is finished!  August 6th was AWWWWWW day!!

Everyone knows I love PINK!!  So, when I started planning the princess scavenger hunt, I just knew that somehow a pink princess would need to be involved and that I would be the pink princess...

The summer started with two "Girly" camps.  The staff and I handpicked 12 girls for each camp and I had a team of ladies that had all been to Romania and served with H2H in the past....except for our beloved crazy Cyndee and she just fit right in!  It was a great 8 days of camp.  The girls had one on one attention, enjoyed a swim party and of course the princess scavenger hunt, an excursion to the mountains, and a spa day complete with a tea party in the backyard.  I loved hanging out and spending time with all these girls!
I am the pink princess!!
Our team with the girls after the spa day...they are all dolled up!!
Our wonderful, marvelous, fabulous girly camp team!!!
I won't lie, I won't try to sugar coat things.....the kid's camps were a bit difficult for me.  I did however enjoy getting to know some kids and renewing friendships with others.
This is Luci...who I so lovingly called Lucica Dulcica (which means sweet Luci).  She had this high pitched scream everytime she got excited about was cute!  Everyone kept saying she could be my daughter...I don't think I have that scream....
Lucica Dulcica and I in the pool!  By the end of this day, I would swim across the pool with her on my back...she loved it!
And then there was Georgiana.  She as in the group with the littlest kids.  One of the evening we were sitting around on the front porch.  She came up to me and said she wanted pony tails all over her head.  Her hair was pretty short, but I put 6 pony tails in anyways.  She was so cute....

After Georgiana's pigtails, the hair salon opened and all the girls had to have them...We had 6 little girls running around with pigtails going every which direction!
And then it was my turn....the things we do for these kids...
The kids were encouraged to stay in their tents until 8 am....with the little kids, this was pretty much a lost cause.  I went downstairs about 7:30am and was starting to hear rumblings in the tents.  I must of said something and pretty soon I hear coming from Georgiana's tent, "Jenny, will you do my hair for me again today?"  I smiled and told her yes of course.  The sunglasses were a big hit with this group too.  They got them from the pinata and they wore them everywhere!  They were so cute!
The last picture of the summer....a little comic relief!!  Krista and I with our new hats!

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  1. you know you're at girly camp when...
    i never did finish that list. i only have like 5 things or something like that.

    oh camp!!! love you and miss you jenny!!!

    <3 amanda