Saturday, October 17, 2009

A "Working" Vacation

At the end of September, I went on a 4-day “working” vacation.  Doina and Eugenia, two of the transition graduates from the first generation, received vacation coupons to use to go on a vacation.  Doina and Eugenia had no clue how to use these or even what to do with them.  So, I offered to take them and help them with all the details (thinking back, I don’t know what was in my head that I would be able to handle Eugenia for 4 days straight).  I asked them where they wanted to go and they said to the seaside. It was at a time when the weather was a little cooler, but there weren’t as many people and it was a little cheaper.  I made arrangements for us to stay at a hotel that was near to the Black Sea in Constanta that also had a restaurant.  We walked along the beach, Doina swam in the sea for the first time, watched movies, stayed in a 3 star hotel, and ate good food.  Of course Eugenia had her moments, because it wouldn’t be normal for her not to have a moment, but Sunday morning before we were to get on the train to come home, I asked them what had been their most favorite part of the trip.  Doina said she enjoyed the beach, getting in the water, watching movies and taking pictures (our trip would not have been complete without taking a few pictures).  Eugenia said the best part was that I came with them and stayed with them for four days.  Looking back on the experience, that comment changed my whole attitude.  The fact that I took time out of my busy days and spent time with them, made an impact and an impression on their lives.  WOW!!


  1. Good job Jenny. So what was your favorite part??

  2. Well, favorite part was the great back massages Eugenia gave me!! :)