Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Times

Summer teams and such is winding down. It has been busy since we started in May and have pushed through to the middle of August. This summer, I led the camp team (6 mini camps with the Rosiori kids and 3 with the Peris kids)! Whew! My two most favorite camps were the two camps with the older kids. It was nice to have a little more free time with them and to bring them to swim in the pool at Pipera. I have loved spending time with my kids at Peris, especially Oana and Claudiu, who are my kids that I've become their "mom".


  1. I am soexcited to be able to rea your blog and keep up with all thaat is happening in Romania

  2. Yeah! A blog from Jenny! I love the picture and it's wonderful to hear what you have been up to lately! Miss you!

  3. This is great, Jenny! Great to hear about what you are doing.